1. So… I’ve decided not to delete old posts. It would take way too long and I just don’t have the same amount of free time as I used to.

    Still going through with changing url and title and all, but probably not til this weekend.

    So bye bye for now!

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    Revanism’s 69 follower giveaway!

    I’m giving away this copy of the Elder Scrolls Anthology complete with all 5 games and maps!


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    Winner will be chosen August 1st!

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  1. ineloquentformalities:



    Some context: entering this season, no woman had completed a televised course in either Japanese or American Ninja Warriors. I’d also argue that ANW’s qualifying courses are harder than any Stage 1 course on either.

    This woman is a fucking badass. First woman ever to advance!

    I’m not crying your crying

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  1. "Kakariko Village - Twilight Princess Theme" by Nintendo from the album OST Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary (2011)

    5,931 plays
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  1. Okay no, I’ll finish deleting all these posts later. There are way too many…

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  1. Hello Again

    *shy wave*

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  1. Alchemy


    "Last time I checked we did." Tyertil frowned a little as he stepped inside - he had forgotten to lock the door.  Hopefully no one had noticed and stolen anything. Not that they would - the townsfolk knew Tyertil a little more than he would liked, but not too much of course.

    Siladheil followed behind the mer with a bounce in her step, gaze sweeping around the shop as she entered. She smiled as she spotted what she was looking for. She liked the idea of buying the potions instead of making them herself, mostly because she didn’t feel like taking the time.

    "Hm, I think I might have changed my mind about the Alchemy table," she said, "I… I suppose it’s laziness, but I feel it would be easier to just buy some potions."

    She laughed a bit.

    "I suppose that’s good for business, yes?"

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  1. Afterwards (Open RP)


    He watched her carefully as she arranged the wood around the fire, not saying a word.  To tell the truth, he had absolutely no idea how to make a firepit either so he made no move to help her.

    It appeared she wasn’t going to hurt him, and he lowered his rock to the ground, setting it down upon the earth.  He made sure to keep it close to his hand - just in case.

    With the fire built, Siladheil was unsure what to do. She felt a little awkward just standing there, so she knelt down into the snow and folded her hands in her lap. The snow soaked through her pants pretty quickly, but she ignored the cold for now. It wasn’t too big of a deal.

    "So… What’s your name?" she asked hesitantly, hoping she didn’t alarm the mer with the question.

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  1. Forsaken


    "as i find a similar feeling with dealing with most mortals affairs." he mused rolling his eyes. "oh? you think we are the barbaric ones? tell me, was it not mortals who wiped out all the dovah? or the falmer? and the dwemer, they brought about there own demise." he pointed out with a growl to his voice. "do not speak to me of barbarism when man and mer have wiped out multiple races when we have not." he hissed with his black tongue flickering from between his jagged fangs.

    Siladheil crossed her arms, unimpressed by his attempt to validate himself. She supposed he had a bit of a pint, but he was not swaying her opinion.

    "Then you are no different from us mortals,” she insisted, “Don’t you seek to do something similar?”

    Some part of the young womer’s mind was able to tell she was getting nowhere with this, save for danger. The menacing tone to Alduin’s voice was enough to prompt another step back, though she continued to linger in the clearing.

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  1. ((Looks like the inactivity will continue… Things are stressful here and I just can’t focus right now.

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